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Hi, I’m Hanish
a Professional Coder.

I am an IT Security Expert, web back-end developer, and UX designer, with 7 years of experience in Web design and development and hands-on practice in implementing web security.

I am Keen to create and enhance anything related to technology. I always want to make anything more perfect by integrating my creativity and analyzing the results of my past experiences in my job.

I have extensive experience in many related fields, but the work I am most passionate about is developing web applications, smartphone applications, front-end engineering, and project management.

From work experience, I practice project management, training developers, enforcing standard practices, developing applications, software engineering, graphic designing, and user interface engineering. During my spare time, I enjoy doing technology research and experiments, and prototyping applications for the future.

7+ Years of Experience

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My Portfolio

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My Blog

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What I Do

Web Security

Provides Industry standard best practices to strengthen your online presence and privacy

Web App Development

We’ll handle everything from to app development process until it is time to make your project live.

Mobile App Development

Using our expertise in mobile application development to create beautiful pixel-perfect designs.

SEO Optimisation

Your website ranking matters. Our SEO services will help you get to the top of the ranks and stay there!


Contact With Me

Inbio Contact

Hanish Kumar

ComTIA Security + Certified | PHP Laravel Developer

I am available for freelance work. Connect with me via email or phone.

Phone: +1-647-503-7861 Email: info@hanishkumar.com